Lonely Bodies

Lonely Bodies explores the loneliness attached to the queer experience and aims to bring our voices to those who are still searching for support. The project involved a series of collaborative, community-building workshops with LGBTQIA+ people, whose stories were incorporated into the Lonely Bodies Zine. The process of creating the zine worked as a support system for all those who were involved, while the zine itself worked as an extension of this system.

Shortlisted in Creative Conscience Awards 2021-22
Published in Colouring In, Issue 4 

Ways Into Work

This personal project narrates my emotional journey as I travel to office daily. It shows how the tangible elements of this journey (the various routes I take, the public transport, the activities I do) connect with and affect the more intangible elements like my frame of mind.

Award Winner Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2023

Recycle Archaelogy

The project was a collaboration between Recycle Archaeology x UAL x Kingston University. It aimed to find new meanings for deselected archeological finds - finds that don’t have enough data to be displayed in museums. My object was a 70 year old paper (approx.) that documented an archaeological dig on Finlay Street, Fulham.  

There were many aspects of this object that fascinated me: the failed attempt at bureaucracy, the incomplete data and documentation and more visually, the scratched out and misprinted words. Through my poster I have tried to replicate the aesthetic of the paper and given the various objects found at this dig a visual form, often filling in the incomplete data with my own interpretation of the objects.

Published in Colouring In, Issue 3